Our note
Of test
Operating system
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 7
Last version
1.66 build 1212
Date update
1,82 Megabyte
It identifies and it eliminates Trojans easily and effective

One of the majors preoccupations that we have at the time of sailing by Internet is the infection of Trojans. These dangerous elements are able to enter our Linux or windows or other operating system through archives being caused great damages. Thus, in addition to detecting them in time, it is necessary to erase them before they can act. Although it is certain that there are many concrete tools to end the Trojans, Tauscan emphasizes among them.

Tauscan is a program able to identify the exact location of the Trojans that infect our system but unlike others, also is able to eliminate them immediately.

Also, it is necessary to aim that this program consumes very few resources, reason why we can have it active without noticing slowing down of our system absolutely. Therefore, he will be really comfortable to maintain activates it for being able to prevent undesired attacks.

The interface of the program in himself is not as spectacular as they can be his results. The certain thing is that it is seen somewhat old fashioned. It is certain that it is simple at the time of using it but its configuration is completely in English. Even so, considering that has a quite specific function, it will not either cost very many to form it.

Tauscan is a payment program, however, we counted on a version of test of 30 days, time than more sufficient to verify its effectiveness and to evaluate or not its purchase.

Also, it is necessary to say that the program usually does not enter conflict with another anti-virus and tools of protection of our best vps web hosting system reason why we can use it without complications as a complementary tool to maintain our clean operating system and frees of threats.


  • - Under consumption of resources
    - Interface simple to use
The Contras

  • - Limited functions, are not a total protection