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The great cleaner of Trojans

The Cleaner is a created software so that your computer is free of Trojans, worms, keyloggers, spyware and all type of threats as malwares. The Cleaner is a good anti-virus if you are of which you sail constantly by Internet and it sends or it receives e-mails, since by means of an active analysis of archives and processes this software is able to detect the malignant threats in action and to neutralize them before they cause to damages majors in your computer.

The Cleaner protects your equipment by means of the search of Trojans in the hard disk of your equipment and it free it from all the well-known Trojans. This anti-Trojan uses technology own outpost of the manufacturer to compare each file with a list of the well-known threats.

The program offers the possibility of scanning all the system simply or a file. The program also allows you periodically to update the data base of Trojans to maintain updated it with the last analyses.

The Cleaner detects and eliminates malware that another anti-virus often ignores. This application is compatible with any other software anti-virus and it does not consume many resources of the system.

The program has a design of interface very simple but easy to handle. In one of the eyelashes in the part superior we will be able to observe a panel of updates where these can be verified, a panel of intelligent and complete analysis, one of information, white list, group of forty, etc.

The motor of analysis of The Cleaner is faster and includes a new more efficient data base to finish the analyses quickly, has a small data base thanks to the fact that the data rise the cloud and their updates are faster.

The Cleaner also has a version Pro where it offers an analysis in background, a new motor of exploration within compressed files and a more modern interface.


  • - Fast beginning
    - Simple installation
    - Great amount of Trojans eliminates
The Contras

  • - Boring interface
    - Internet requires