Trend Micro HouseCall 7.1
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Trend Micro
Portable anti-virus that eliminates any threat

Trend Micro HouseCall is a anti-virus that allows to completely explore the archives and directories of your equipment. This simple but effective anti-virus protects against attacks of Trojans, worms, plugins, undesired of the navigators, and others malwares.

HouseCall executes the analysis of fast form, does not need to unload updates and, when not requiring of an installation, you can use it of portable form or for ejecutarloen your PC, laptop or pendrive.

This program does not present problems of compatibility with another anti-virus, reason why you can have it in your computer if you already own another anti-virus. What if it requires of connection to Internet to be able to connect itself in line with the services of Trend Micro. This connection with the service in line allows to unload components if it is necessary for the HouseCall.

Trend Micro has a simple and extremely manageable interface. Once initiate, in the main interface, you can start up the analysis that only takes some minutes and automatically Trend Micro HouseCall will be in charge of the rest.

This anti-virus offers three options you of analysis: the quick analysis (recommended), to scan the computer in search of threats quickly, this I only scan hard some minutes but it does not detect all the malignant archives in your equipment. the analysis that a complete exploration of the system realises and the customized analysis that allows you to choose the destinies and archives where you wish to apply I scan.

With this anti-virus it is possible to again observe the results of the verification, to compare them and also to reclaim archives. The rate of detection of Trend Micro is safe and perfectly removes threats as rootkits and other attacks.

Also, it offers to the Smart technology Feedback, which interchanges information in real time with Trend Micro Smart Protection Network for the analyses, guaranteeing therefore a greater detection of risks.


  • - High detection
    - Manageable interface
    - Anti-virus completely to liger
The Contras

  • - Slow unloading of components
    - First slow analysis
Trend Micro HouseCall 7.1