Trend Micro RuBotted 2.0
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Protect of suspicious infections and activities to you associated with networks zombie

Many are the threats to which our computers are exposed daily. Although it is certain that the anti-virus present is powerful and they count on an ample variety of tools to maintain to us out of danger. Nevertheless, sometimes, these programs are not sufficient to face to us certain dangers, as for example the problem of bots.

Trend Micro RuBotted is a very useful and specific gratuitous program that will help us to identify when our system has been infected with bot, thus being able to avoid the problems derived from this incursion; and it is that, once our equipment is infected with one of these bots, the person that has mounted the attack can control our computer of remote form completely. It is as well as the well-known networks arise from bots, by means of which an only user can have a countless number of infected equipment that happens to consider €œzombies€. Thus, these invisible programs can take advantage of our resources to coordinate malicious actions. It would not be the first time that a user, other people's to the infection of his system, is noticed that from his computer he is being attacked other users.

Therefore, Trend Micro RuBotted arises as a anti-virus from most specific than it is exclusively in charge only and to identify and to eliminate bots of our operating system.

When installing the program, we will find a console in our writing-desk. It is quite simple, because the certain thing is that it does not count on more options than those to detect bots. Thus, we will be able to work without problems being had this program in background, and having the security of which to the minimum threat it will be let know to us.

One is a really slight software, that in addition works in real time, not entering conflict with other tools of security. When a detection takes place, Trend Micro RuBotted will give the possibility of cleaning these elements us with another program of Trend Micro, the House Call.


  • - Specific tool against bots
    - Very slight program
    - Compatible with other tools
The Contras

  • - Very specific
    - She lacks options
Trend Micro RuBotted 2.0