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Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus+
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Trend Micro
Simple, accessible and effective anti-virus

Trend Micro Titanium Anti-virus is an interesting tool for which they look for simplicity but without risking effectiveness; and it is that this anti-virus of Trend Micro counts on a rate of quite ample detection and an interface with very few options.

We can say of his interface that is intuitive, because in the main screen we will have the only apparent option, to scan our system. However, if we phelp attention a little more, we will be able to realise a superficial, complete or customized scanner.

Just next to the options of I scan we found the configuration. Many ignore the configurations of a anti-virus, but the certain thing is perhaps that with Trend Micro Titanium it is not good idea; and it is that the program starts off with a a little excessive configuration, having absolute freedom to clean, to eliminate or to put in group of forty any file that seems to him suspicious. Also, it will also be able to deprive of authority changes in the system that we previously do not authorize.

Luckily, if we entered the configuration option we will be able to change many things. For example, we can change the level of security when we sail, of that form we will not have to be authorizing the entrance to trustworthy Webs all along.

It is possible to emphasize that Trend Micro Titanium Anti-virus also is able to control our mail and instantaneous mail, and how we can imagine, also it is good option to enter configuration to be able to establish a security level that is neither too high nor too low.

It is necessary to emphasize that the protection is in real time, which is thanked for. Also, we cannot deny that one is a simple program that occupies little, as much in our system as in our monitor.

As far as the cost of resources, it is necessary to say that this anti-virus consumes rather little, reason why we will be able to work with normality with our equipment.


  • - Protection in real time
    - Update in real time
    - Cost of very low resources
    - High rates of retention
    - Different levels from security
The Contras

  • - Interface without too many options
Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus+