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The effective anti-Trojan but for your equipment

Trojan To remove is a simple application developed by the Simplysup company that allows to analyze your equipment in search of Trojans and another virus as malwares. This software has a very simple design and shows in its main interface the main functions of I scan.

This software can be used to complement another anti-virus in which to the elimination of malware it talks about; also it eliminates Trojans, worms, adware, and spywares. Some standard anti-virus not always eliminates effectively the malicious archives that wait in your computer, for that reason exists Trojan To remove.

The option of I scan realises a fast and effective standard analysis in search of Trojans and others malware in your computer. Also it offers functions as I scan of malware active and I scan of disc or directory, to deshabilitar and to qualify the quick analysis at the beginning of Windows, to exclude archives from the analysis, to see log of the analysis, data base of reference of malwares, index of help and, in addition to this, allow you to update.

Trojan To remove allows Search updates immediately, in addition to looking for and eliminating Trojans and malwares. Also, it allows to reinitiate the pages of beginning of your navigators and to clean the registry of Windows where the programs hide in many entrances spies, among others.

This application was designed as help tool to eliminate the virus as Trojans that another anti-virus either do not detect or do not eliminate. Trojan To remove immediately eliminates all these malignant archives effectively anywhere of your PC or laptop.

By each Trojan, worm or another type of threat, Trojan To remove sample a warning of alert where it teaches to the location of the malicious file and the name to you of this. Also, it requests confirmation to clear the reference of the program of the registry of the system and it allows to change the name you of the file to stop his activation.


  • - It eliminates the virus indeed
    - Fast installation
    - I scan fast and effective
The Contras

  • - He is only available in groins
    - She is of test