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It analyzes and clean your USB units in a few seconds

USB-AV Anti-virus emphasizes for being a product able Search, to identify and to eliminate a countless number of malignant archives that can be potentially dangerous for our operating system and which they lodge directly in the units of extraíble storage. That is to say, one is a anti-virus for your USB units.

Their creators assure to us that he counts on one of the majors data bases of virus that there is in the market.

As far as the search in himself, she is fast and he does not consume resources of the computer, reason why we can work at the same time as he executes himself without any trouble. Also, he is interesting to know that he counts on different modalities search for a same file, something that increases the security against the possible threats and it allows us to adopt measures more quickly before accidentally we execute some infected program.

It is necessary to know clearly that this anti-virus tells on a clear function, to come up that the computer becomes infected, therefore previously does not disinfect a contaminated computer. For this reason it is important to analyze our USB before putting them in operation, because only of this form USB-AV he will be able to act.

He is able to detect and to eliminate a countless number of virus in only seconds.

Another point to its favor is that it does not enter conflict with any anti-virus, reason why we can without trouble continue executing them Also, is compatible for all the versions of Windows.

Finally, another advantage is that in addition to analyzing our archives to detect any threat, also works as vaccine, something really useful in the archives of automatic execution.

It is in English, but it counts on a quite intuitive interface with which we will not have any problem at the time of working.


  • - It works of fast and quiet form
    - It does not enter conflict with anti-virus
    - It avoids automatic executions of infected archives
The Contras

  • - She does not clean infected computers
USB-AV Anti-virus