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Protection against the loss of information and threats

The creation of new computer science devices causes that the virus evolves. Now we are not safe from infections nor with the memories of USB. Luckily, the security also advances, and thus it is as programs as USB Disk Security are born, a really useful tool that will completely maintain our protected computer before the infections of the USB memories.

USB Disk Security is developed by Zbshareware and it appears as a tool of trustworthy protection against any malicious program that lodges in an USB unit. Apparently, the secret is in the innovating technology of the program, able to block the most well-known threats, but also those that are not known. In addition, also its protection is interesting out of line, unlike another anti-virus that must be updated regularly online and they cannot protect our PC connectionless to Internet.

Account with a specific option that in addition will armor our USB protecting completely our information. Of this form, the people nonauthorized will not be able to copy the data of these USB.

We like their rapidity, because the certain thing is that we will not absolutely realize of which is being executed while it scans and it detects malicious programs.

Account with an interface very simple to use. In addition, it is in Spanish, something that doubtless the task facilitates very many. It does not matter that we do not have knowledge informáticosa, the simplified options of his Control Panel will put it to us easy.

Although it is of payment, is possible to emphasize that we counted on a test version. In addition, whereas another anti-virus makes us renew licenses continuously, it is necessary periodically to emphasize that USB Disk Security offers licenses of by life, thus receiving our updates without needing paying nothing else.

Another disadvantage is that this trial version account with options that are only available buying the license, something that limits to us to prove the product correctly.


  • - Ample protection
    - Compatible with another anti-virus
    - Possibility of armoring data in USB
The Contras

  • - Limitation in the functionalities in the test version
USB Disk Security