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Beam visible the suspicious and hidden folders of your USB

USB Rescue is one of that anti-virus for USB that is so useful and necessary when we worked with these external units in our computer.

This program will help to clean to our USB memories of infections and virus us. In addition, it is possible to emphasize that USB Rescue is able to detect the archives and hidden folders that often this type of virus leave as sign.

The program in himself weight little and is quite simple to use. In addition, it is completely in Spanish, reason why we will not have problem some to understand its options; and it is that although one is a program that occupies little space, the certain thing is that it tells on more options of those than they can have others, as for example Fast Cleaning, To only eliminate Direct access, To return visible everything or To erase Recycler.

Something very interesting of this program is that everything what observes as suspicious Group of forty sends it directly to a called folder, a folder that is created by the own program in the root of the USB in which it is applied; and it is that something that enchants of USB Rescue to us is the autonomy that it has to work. He is able to do it everything without we must interfere in the analysis, is only necessary to select the most interesting option or the one than more is suitable us upon every moment.

The interface of the program, as we commented, is simple, although it counts on a somewhat strident style. Even so, we do not let ourselves deceive by the appearances, this program is quite fast and useful. An extra tool that will come to us really well at certain moments, mainly if we are customary to work with USB.

It does not enter conflict with any anti-virus, something also to consider. In addition, USB Rescue can be used in any version of Windows.


  • - Small and fast program
    - It does not interfere in our work
    - Compatible with another anti-virus
    - Automatic creation of folder of Group of forty
The Contras

  • - She does not disinfect the computer, only applicable to USB