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Avinash Sachan
A button eliminates any sign of virus of your system just by

Virus Effect Remover is a somewhat special anti-virus; and it is that this program acts as antidote of the system detecting malicious software and eliminating them or recovering them (when the affected files can be rehabilitated).

This program has great amount of options prepared on a a little complex interface. However, as usually it happens with the majority of anti-virus, in the central part we will find the most interesting and useful bellboys, that is to say tools as the analysis of the system.

Virus Effect Remover is an interesting program for the computers that already are infected, since he is able to as much eliminate the virus of the file system as of the Registry of Windows. That is to say, a powerful tool to eliminate all the signs that leave these hostile software.

This software counts on several tools that will help us to fight the infections of our equipment, but also to reclaim the state of the same once eliminated the virus.

Among others things, this program is able to block virus specific, to detect, to eliminate or to modify duplicated archives and to even form the beginning of our Windows. Without a doubt an attractive anti-virus that will be able to leave as new our computer.


  • - Powerful tool that will clean our system of virus
    - To recover the system of simple form
    - It eliminates all the signs that a virus leaves
The Contras

  • - She does not prevent infections
    - She is in English
    - Complex and chaotic interface
Virus Effect Remover