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1,85 Megabyte
It analyzes of fast and instantaneous form any suspicious file

Total virus Scanner is a really interesting tool that will help to maintain remote the infected archives us of our computer. One is a portable tool, although the certain thing is that also we can install it in our operating system. The most interesting of Total Virus Scanner is its simplicity, a simplicity that is resisted with the great power of its motors; and he is that this tool uses and nothing nothing else less than 40 known motors of anti-virus, something to have very but that very in account.

We must choose the file manually that we want to analyze later and to give the button to scan. Automatically Total Virus Scanner will put itself to work and to review the file. This application verifies hash MD5 of the file and thus it verifies if it has been analyzed before, if this outside case, in the part inferior of the console will open a space in which will be to us a complete report.

He is quite comfortable, because in addition to analyzing form archives manual, we can drag them and Total Virus Scanner also will accept them as future analyses.

That is limited, is thus, because the certain thing is that it does not serve either to realise a complete analysis of our system. Therefore, it is a focused tool to analyze archives that or we think are suspicious, the typical archives that often our anti-virus they place to us in group of forty or those that directly generate distrust to us.

In addition, also it is a point against that only shows the information of the archives already analyzed.

As far as the analysis in himself, he is quite fast, in a few seconds we will have a verdict of this tool.


  • - Portable program
    - The USA 40 well-known motors of anti-virus
    - It offers analysis of the archives already analyzed previously
The Contras

  • - Limited function
    - It does not protect all the system
Total virus Scanner