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The best protection for the beginning of the system

Is the system of your computer slow? , it leaves of WinLockLess solves it by you. This tool of Hispasec has been designed to optimize and to protect the starting of the operating system of your equipment, being avoided so the threats as lodged Trojans and others malwares in him do not damage your system severely.

WinLockLess blocks these potentially dangerous threats, is a completely light program that it does not require of an installation process. This application avoids and blocks threats such as the similar virus of the police and the other infections.

WinLockLess has a simple and nice design. Between its more outstanding functions we found pharming, that it is a technique that consists of modifying the file hosts of the system so that a domain aims at another IP. An important requirement is to have .NET Framework 4,0 so that WinLockLess begins correctly in the system.

When activating WinLockLess they would not be needed to carry out many tasks. The protection of the user profile shows a small list to you to select each area to protect, these functions prevent to create subkeys and to establish values in certain areas of the system and they also prevent the creation of archives in folders of beginning of the computer. In the protection of the system podras to observe a small list with functions to select as Protecting Winlogon, Protecting Run, SafeBoot, Explorer Policies and the common folders of beginning of the system.

WinLockLess is a safe tool that it is not due to ignore if what you wish it is to maintain your clean computer of Trojans and other threats of spread.


  • - The protection can be formed to the maximum
    - The beginning of the computer protects
    - It does not need installation
The Contras

  • - Design of incomplete interface
    - It can block programs permanently
    - To times it can give beginning problems