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Portable anti-virus of Microsoft

Windows Defender Offline emphasizes for being the most interesting and valid tool of at the time of detecting virus and other threats. Its main attractiveness is that it is a completely gratuitous anti-virus, that comes guaranteed by Microsoft and that in addition can be started in any computer, because it is a portable version which we can keep in a CD or USB. Without a doubt an attractive program that in addition is quite simple in its use.

After unloading the file to us and initiating it, it will be wondered to us where we want to install the program. Thus, we will be able to choose comfortably if we want that Windows Defender Offline keeps in a CD or an USB.

After this, we will only have to extinguish the computer and to return it to ignite. When taking it, the program will be put to work and will only begin an exhaustive analysis in search of virus and suspicious program files.

He is quite intuitive reason why without having to do too much, the program will analyze and repair everything what must repair without our help. Also, we will observe as in the interface that appears to us exist several eyelashes. One in which it is indicated to us how the analysis goes, another one in which one inquires to us into the update of the program and another one in which one inquires to us into the file of the searches.

The disadvantages are clear, whereas we used the program we will not be able to work normally. We must hope to that the analysis finishes. In addition, we are not before a protection in real time, being necessary the periodic execution of the application so that it is executed again.

In spite of everything, it is a program with reliability enough because the signature of the same comes given by the Microsoft manufacturer. He is therefore interesting and it can be an extra tool to consider for the additional security of our computer.


  • - Guaranteed by Microsoft
    - Effective and exhaustive in the analysis
    - Arrancable anti-virus in any equipment
The Contras

  • - External update whenever the installer executes itself
    - It is not possible to be worked while the equipment is analyzed
Windows Defender Offline