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It releases your computer of virus

ZenOK is a gratuitous anti-virus that offers a platform of computer science security to protect your equipment of any malicious program and attacks your computer. One is a fast and simple program that will leave a good impression you after analyzing your equipment.

ZenOk presents a very accessible interface and nice, it is very easy to use and it counts on a somewhat minimalist design since it reunites right the necessary thing.

On the other hand, it counts on a service of backup copy online only for the payment version. This service is exceptional since the manufacturers give guarantees you, being able to pay to you up to 100.00 dollars in case your computer suffers losses of data.

ZenOk is a anti-virus little known and ultralight, but that does not do it weaker than the competition, since it protects your computer of virus, malwares, spywares, and other threats and, most important are than as soon as it slows down your equipment.

This anti-virus is able to optimize your computer without occupying much space in the disc, and without consuming many resources. It protects in real time and it prevents the robbery with data of your system.

The main panel of ZenOk reveals in showy colors the state to you of your equipment, counting on the function of Backup to store your archives in a virtual hard disk. On the other hand, the eyelash of Anti-virus shows the archives to you scanned and infected of the computer.

This program also gives to statistics of the consumption of space in disc and memory, guaranteeing the protection you of your equipment. In addition, the temperature of the system and the yield of the same monitors,

In summary, ZenOk is a simple anti-virus that puts your computer out of danger, pleasing from the first moment since their unloading and installation are very fast.


  • - Protection in real time
    - Anti
    - malware
    - Quiet monitoring
The Contras

  • - Backup online only in payment version
    - It does not have programmed analyses
ZenOK Free Anti-virus