ZoneAlarm Free Anti-virus + Firewall
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The only security €œeverything in one€ gratuitous one

ZoneAlarm Free Anti-virus + Firewall is interesting a gratuitous anti-virus with several points to consider if we are looking for an extra protection for our computer; and it is that we are before a complete package of anti-virus and powerful firewall, more than known Zone Alarm.

The anti-virus of Zone Alarm is quite powerful. It detects and it blocks not only virus, also Trojans, bots, rootkits, worms and Trojans. Also, the Firewall obtains that our PC is made completely invisible to the eyes of the hackers, preventing so software can enter spies that later they transmit data ours through the network.

The updates of these two tools are realised every 24 hours automatically.

When we installed the program, we can observe a quite simple interface in which they appear three bellboys who lead us to the 3 main tools. Thus, on the one hand we counted on the Anti-virus proper, option to, complete or complete quick analysis with compressed files.

The second button belongs to the Firewall. Here we observed two options that we can activate or deactivate to our taste, the Firewall and the option of control of the applications, to review and to make pursuit of strange behaviors on the part of some programs. Both guard by the security of our data, so that the same do not end up being sent without permission outside our equipment.

Finally we have the button of identity and data. It is a very interesting part, because it incorporates a bar of privacy tools during navigation. It offers several options, from scanning our Facebook to observe the privacy level that we have in the same until creating a session of private navigation so that our navigator does not register nor keeps any from our movements.

In this last button also we found the possibility of activating a protection of identity superior (with different levels) and the one to realise backup copies online.


  • - Fire-guards very effective and anti-virus, everything in one.
    - Automatic updates every 24 hours
    - Interface in Spanish and very easy to use
    - Pursuit of strange behavior of applications
The Contras

  • - Few options of configuration
    - Cost of memory
ZoneAlarm Free Anti-virus + Firewall